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Vision and Goals

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The Clavey is one of three free-flowing rivers in the Sierra.

Tuolumne River Trust Mission
The Tuolumne River Trust is the voice for the River. We promote stewardship of the Tuolumne through:

  • Education, community outreach and adventures
  • Collaboration with a diverse array of stakeholders
  • On-the-ground restoration projects
  • Advocacy and grassroots organizing to demonstrate public support for our work

Tuolumne River Trust Vision
We seek a healthy river that is:

  • Teeming with fish and wildlife
  • Safe for drinking, fishing and swimming
  • Held in trust as a refuge for our children and grandchildren

We want every person who benefits from the Tuolumne to know that their food was grown from its water, their tap water comes from it, their wild salmon were hatched in its gravels, and their backpacking, fishing and rafting trip depend on its health.

With offices in Sonora, Modesto and San Francisco, the Trust's staff, Board and Advisors along with our volunteer base, are putting down roots throughout the watershed and building the capacity necessary to achieve our vision.

For a complete summary of TRT's Strategic Plan for 2020, click here.

Since our founding in 1981, Tuolumne River Trust has made remarkable progress toward our Vision. In 1984 the Trust won Wild and Scenic designation for 83 miles of the Tuolumne River. In the 1990s we halted plans to dam the Clavey River, and played a major role in winning higher flows for salmon on the Lower Tuolumne. In 2008, we won a five-year effort to defeat a plan by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to divert up to 50% more water from the Tuolumne River than the city takes today. To see a full list of Tuolumne River Trust's history, click here


Sierra Nevada
In the Sierra Nevada we are working towards protection of untouched tributaries like the Clavey River from development and to provide quality flows for healthy fish and recreation.

Central Valley
In the Central Valley we are working to create a more natural floodplain, a healthier river for people to enjoy and for fish to thrive in, and to restore streamside habitats for the wide variety of species that inhabit such river corridors.

Bay Area
In the Bay Area we strive to promote stewardship of the Tuolumne and innovative models of sustainable water use and efficiency.

To read about our programs in more detail, click here