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Introducing People to Their Rivers

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Hundreds of thousands of people in California’s Central Valley, and millions more in the San Francisco Bay Area, rely on the San Joaquin and Tuolumne Rivers for clean drinking water, recreation, and other important purposes. Yet very few people know where their water comes from, or the great wildlife and beauty their rivers support.

 Modesto Airport Neighborhood kids

Many of the communities the rivers flow through are economically challenged, with higher rates of unemployment and physical and mental stress. The relationship between these riverside communities and the rivers is symbiotic. If the rivers are clean and healthy, the neighborhoods will benefit by having safe access to parks, swimming, boating and fishing. If the neighborhoods are healthier and safer, the rivers will benefit through greater care and stewardship.

Ready to raft!

To help revive the rivers, TRT introduces riverside community members to their local waterways through canoe trips, field trips for students, river clean-ups, in-class presentations, and other outings and adventures.

Out on the river

TRT has initiated a new program to take riverside community families on canoe trips from Dos Rios (1,600 acres of former farm land at the confluence of the Tuolumne and San Joaquin Rivers that is being restored to wildlife habitat) down the San Joaquin River through the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge. Your support will help make these trips possible

Big catch!

How Your Contribution Will Help 

$10 – Provides three students with an in-class lesson about the rivers.

$25 – Gets a student out to the rivers on a field trip.

$50 – Enables one riverside community resident to participate in a canoe trip.

$100 – Provides a classroom with an in-class lesson about the rivers.

$500 – Helps fund a river clean-up.

$1,000 – Provides scholarships for 20 riverside community residents to visit the Dos Rios habitat restoration site, paddle down the San Joaquin River through the National Wildlife Refuge with an expert guide, and enjoy lunch on the River.

Thank you for your support!