East Bay Hikes

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Lake Anza, Wildcat Gorge, Meadows Canyon, Curran Trails 

Photo: Stefan Thoss, alltrails.com

This 3.3 mile loop in Tilden Regional Park that goes through redwood, oak woodland, and grassland. Take Lake Anza Trail for a few hundred yards, and turn left onto the Wildcat Gorge trail to descend to the creek. Continue to the right turn for Meadows Canyon trail, and after about 1.5 miles turn right onto Curran trail. Curran will return to Wildcat Gorge, which connects to Lake Anza and then back to the parking lot.


Seaview and Big Springs Trails Loop

Photo: Marissa Duenas, alltrails.com

Located in Berkeley’s Tilden Regional Park, this 4.3 mile loop has wildflowers in the spring and great views of San Francisco.


Lafayette Reservoir Nature Area Rim Trail

Photo: Monique Redmon, alltrails.com

This 4.9 mile loop features a beautiful lake and has steep uphills that lead to high points with great views. Note that during wet weather the area becomes very muddy. 


Donner Creek Loop Trail

Photo: Chris Francia, alltrails.com

Donner Creek Loop Trail is a 5.1 mile trail near on Mount Diablo. This beautiful hike goes along a creek, and the Donner Creek Falls consists of four separate cascades that are best after it rains. The loop section of the trail is narrower and steeper. 


Mission Peak

Photo: Ryu Ken, alltrails.com

Mission Peak is one of the most popular Bay Area hikes. The hike is a 5.8 mile loop, and is a constant uphill to the summit, which has rewarding views of the Bay Area. There is not much shade, so bring lots of water. 


Mount Diablo Grand Loop Trail

Photo: Nina Uppaluru, alltrails.com

This 6.7 mile loop gives stunning views of the Bay Area on clear days, and has several steep areas and abundant wildflowers in the spring. Doing the loop counter-clockwise puts the harder part of the trail towards the beginning. 


Strawberry Canyon Fire Trail

Photo: Emily Ashton, alltrails.com

This shady trail in the hills by UC Berkeley is 7.4 miles out and back. On a nice day, the trail has great views of the Bay. The sunset over the bay from this hike is gorgeous.


Waterfalls of Mount Diablo Loop Trail

Photo: Agnes Dugan, alltrails.com

This difficult 7.9 mile loop features gorgeous waterfalls created by winter and spring rains. Bring a lot of water, as it can get hot in the summer.