River Clean Up and Restoration

A healthy river must be free of trash and supported by a thriving ecosystem. We address both of those issues along the Tuolumne through support of monthly river clean ups and floodplain habitat restoration. Our restoration work at places like the 1,600-acre Dos Rios Ranch in Modesto includes planting native trees and shrubs on formerly farmed floodplain habitat, with the goal of re-establishing the native riparian habitat.

As part our restoration efforts, we are also fighting for the removal of Dennett Dam from the Tuolumne River, located just west of the 9th Street Bridge in Modesto. In spite of being officially condemned in the 1940s, this structure continues to wreak havoc on the riparian ecosystem and on the families of those who lost their lives at Dennett Dam. We expect to have the dam removed once and for all in summer 2017.

Meg Gonzalez

Volunteer Opportunities

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