Support Floodplain Restoration!

What’s the big deal about floodplains?  you might be wondering.

These past few months have shown us that a river needs room to roam, as we were inundated with heavy rains, flooding, and reservoirs filled to the breaking point.

How do we give the river room to roam? By restoring the river’s floodplains.

TRT is working to advance floodplain restoration through the relicensing of Don Pedro Dam and the updating of the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan as these two regulatory proceedings near important decision points later this year. These efforts will set the stage for future floodplain restoration efforts and are critical to the future health of the river, species that rely on it, and surrounding communities that depend on it. Support our floodplain restoration efforts by contributing to our spring appeal today.

Double your donation today! Thanks to two very generous supporters, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000! Your gift of $10 becomes $20; your gift of $100 becomes $200. Donate by May 31st to double your impact. Your generosity goes further than just a membership to a local nonprofit or a tax write-off — it advocates for accelerated floodplain restoration along the Tuolumne.


Restoring floodplains along the Tuolumne, the areas the river spills into when a lot of water is flowing through it, will:

  • Allow the river to more safely flood in wet years, preventing damages to nearby communities and developed areas like Modesto
  • Recharge aquifers
  • Clean stormwater naturally before it enters the river
  • Give baby salmon a safe place to eat and grow, increasing their chances of survival
  • Save species from extinction, like the riparian brush rabbit


For over 36 years the Tuolumne River Trust has worked hard to protect the River, with floodplain restoration victories ranging from the Big Bend Restoration Project (240 acres of floodplain protected); Dos Rios Ranch (1,600 acres at the confluence of the Tuolumne and San Joaquin Rivers); and 500 acres of floodplain south of Dos Rios Ranch. We couldn’t have had these successes without your support – help us accelerate this work and donate today!

P.S. if you donate today – your gift will be doubled! Thanks to two of our very generous donors, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Don’t wait – donate before May 31st to double your contribution!