Ana C. Talavera

Ana was born and raised in rural Modesto, California. She has served as a volunteer for the Tuolumne River Trust since 2011. She has collaborated with Latino Outdoors as a translator for their Estamos Aqui project, as well as other environmental non-profit organizations. In addition, she has volunteered for several local political and grassroots environmental campaigns. After graduating from UCSC in 2017 with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in dance, she returned to Modesto to reconnect with her community. Currently, she serves as the Support Coordinator of the TRAC and Activ8 programs to foster connections between youth, their community, and the outdoors. She is also a mentor for high school seniors under the 6 Cups to College Program and a counselor at a residential facility for youth. Ultimately, she hopes to foster positive mental health with the youth that she works with.

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