Intentions don’t save rivers. Action does.

The Tuolumne River has fallen victim to political propaganda and we need your help to hold our elected leaders accountable.

Gavin Newsom, California’s newly elected governor, is being misled by the agencies responsible for our water. And those agencies are being manipulated by the Trump Administration.

Time is running out for the new Governor to make the right decisions for our sustainable water future.

We want to ensure that the Tuolumne is teeming with life, full of fish, safe for recreation, and healthy for the communities that rely on it for drinking water for generations to come.

You can make an impact on our water future.

A generous supporter has provided a $10,000 matching gift to inspire you to take a stand for the river!

Like you, this supporter is committed to protecting the Tuolumne River, so they will match your gift, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000, through May 31st.

By donating today, you will stand up for action that restores the river before the clock runs out and the Governor falls victim to the agencies’ deceptive propaganda.

It takes more than good intentions to revive the Tuolumne River. Will you join us by taking action and make your contribution today?

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