Improve Access to the Wild and Scenic Tuolumne River

Nearly a quarter million people have floated the Tuolumne River. Most of them begin or end their trip at Meral’s Pool by carrying boats and equipment between the road and the water.  As many boaters know, a permanent launch ramp, like ones found on The Rogue River, The Middle Fork Salmon, The Selway, or The White Salmon does not exist on the Tuolumne. However, we are taking steps to change that.

Partnering with the US Forest Service, outfitters, and non-profit groups, we are raising money to upgrade an existing concrete ramp that improves access to the river. The ramp will be resurfaced and extend from the parking area to the typical highwater line, allowing vehicles to be be backed up to the bank. Following completion of the ramp, a boat slide to the water will be installed. Rigged boats will be able to be launched from a trailer, directly into the water.

Benefits of the concrete ramp include:

    • Visitors with impaired mobility will have easier access to the water
    • Risk of injury while carrying boats and equipment to and from the water will be reduced
    • Launches will be easier and faster

Volunteers have successfully helped the Forest Service complete the site maintenance required to begin.  The grade for the ramp is set, and we are planning to set the forms and pour concrete in March 2017.  If you would like to support our project, please click here to donate. Be sure to select the “Whitewater Put-in” option on the drop down menu “My donation is for:” so that TRT can process your donation accordingly.

For additional information please feel free to contact project coordinator Matt Henry,