Celebrating our Accomplishments & Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

2016 was a busy year for us at the Tuolumne River Trust.

From planting over 55,000 trees in the scorched Sierra Nevada to teaching over 5,000 Bay Area and Central Valley students about the Tuolumne River, we’ve had a busy year! Not to mention our work to remove Dennett Dam, mobilize citizens to participate in the State Water Board’s Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan revision, and to establish a strong foundation for improving the Wards Ferry Takeout through the relicensing of Don Pedro Dam.

This year, we will continue working on the frontlines of water issues that span from the Sierra, through the Central Valley, to the San Francisco Bay. We are focused on: 

  • Fighting for improved flows in the Tuolumne
  • Restoring the forests at the headwaters of the Tuolumne
  • Teaching underrepresented students about the land and rivers that supply their water
  • Improving the health of the Tuolumne watershed for current and future generations

If you missed your chance to participate in our year-end gift matching challenge, do not fret! We are always accepting donations and encourage you to start 2017 with some charitable giving. We appreciate your generous support of our work.


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Your Donation Accomplishes A Lot!

By donating today, you are:

  • Contributing to a larger movement that is standing up for the protection of your streams, rivers, and forests in an uncertain political climate
  • Restoring the health of the headwaters forests for future generations – your children and grandchildren will thank you
  • Giving a voice to the salmon and steelhead that need more water in the Tuolumne River


Benefits of Healthy Forests and Rivers

A Healthy Forest:

  • Filters and purifies rainwater and snowmelt before they flow into the river.
  • Sustains vital wildlife habitat.
  • Sequesters carbon for decades, helping to lessen the effects of climate change


Restored River Flows:

  • Rehabilitate salmon and steelhead populations in the Tuolumne River.
  • Improve water quality by cooling the water and minimizing pollution’s damages.
  • Diminish noxious weeds and invasive species in the river.



The Issues at Hand:

  1. Following one of the most divisive elections in our great nation’s history, the laws and agencies in place to protect our natural environment are at risk of being dismantled.
  2.  Years of mismanagement have left our forests too thick with small trees making them dangerously susceptible to fire, drought, and bark beetle attacks. Today, broad swaths of the Tuolumne’s forest are dead because of this imbalance.
  3. Currently, only 20% of the Tuolumne River’s natural flow makes it all the way down the river. The other 80% is dammed and diverted. This has decimated our fish populations, limited recreation for humans, and concentrated harmful pollutants.

How We’re Helping Solve Them:

  1. We are bringing our members’ voices to local and State officials that emphasize the need for a healthy river and forest.
  2. We are leading the efforts to bring about a change in forest management practices by working to update policies and bring the needed funding to restore ecological balance and health to the forests.
  3. We are positively influencing the State Water Resources Control Board’s plan to increase the amount of water that stays in the river to 40% through organizing supporters of the river to write letters, attend hearings, and get involved in their local community.

Be A Friend of the Tuolumne River


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