Rim Fire Recovery

Volunteer Tree Planting

We are partnering with the Stanislaus National Forest to plant native trees in the Upper Tuolumne watershed throughout March. Want to join us?

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FERC Relicensing

Thank You for Your Comments

Don Pedro and La Grange Dams are up for federal licensing - an event only happens once every 50 years - and thanks to you, we rallied over 100 people to comment and support a healthier, safer river. Thank you!

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Action Alert

Meral's Pool Whitewater Put-in

Help maintain access to the Tuolumne River and support volunteer efforts to resurface the boat launch ramp at Meral's Pool.

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The Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan

After decades of decline due to inadequate freshwater inflows, the San Francisco Bay-Delta might finally get a new lease on life. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to right the wrongs of the past.

Our Values

Why It Matters

How we manage our resources matters. We want every person who benefits from the Tuolumne River to know that their food, drinking water and ecosystem depends upon the health of the river.

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Tuolumne River Trust

We are the voice of the river.  The Tuolumne [Too-all-oh-me] River Trust is an environmental nonprofit representing the Tuolumne River from its headwaters in the Sierra Nevada, through the Central Valley, and all the way to San Francisco Bay.

We are fighting for the river so that it will once again teem with fish and wildlife and be safe for drinking, fishing, and swimming for generations to come.

We are funded by members and people like you. Since 1981, we have promoted river stewardship through advocacy, collaboration, education, and restoration projects.

Upcoming Events

March 22 at 6pm-9pm

Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards Learn More

March 24 at 9am-11pm

Dos Rios Ranch Tour Learn More

April 1 at 12am-11pm

1st Annual Airport Neighborhood bike ride Learn More

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Help us advocate, educate and restore the Tuolumne River.


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"If you spend time in nature, then you see the impact we’re having – that’ll ring more true than any policy change. When people realize it’s important, they’ll protect it.”

- Brad, TRT volunteer

Volunteer with us!

Interested in getting more involved with the Tuolumne River? Fill out our volunteer form to get involved.

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